Solutions for travelers and guarantees for landlords. This is is committed to hosting guests from all over the world for both business and tourism trip, through a selection of structures that are perfected and managed to the best of their ability to ensure comfort and safety for all travelers and real guarantees to landlords, our customers.

Our unique benefits is a CAV duly registered with Liguria Region, so authorized to manage accommodation facilities and offer extra-hotel services.

  • Profit maximization
  • Zero commitment for landlords
  • Guaranteed rental payments
  • Insurance coverage
  • Ordinary maintenance and housekeeping
  • Flexibility in the use of the house for emergency situations or to temporarily host friends and relatives

There are moments when I walk about on the heights above Genoa, having glimpses and feelings  such as Columbus once, perhaps from the very same place, sent out across the sea and into the future.

– Friedrich Nietzsche

A safe, risk-free investment.

Renting your property for tourist use is an enormous opportunity that offers many advantages to the landlords.

Do you want to make one of your properties an income without investing a euro, without risks and maintenance costs, with the guarantee of payment of the rent and find the house better than how you entrusted it to us?

Making money with short-term rentals is expensive and challenging? We know, that’s why we have created a service for you in order to have an income from your property without investing money, without risking not to collect the rent and without maintenance costs, finding your home better than you entrusted it to us.

5 reasons why you should entrust us with your home.

  1. Maximize the profits of a property that you are not using, with the guarantee of receiving the payment of the rent on time.
  2. You will not have to face any bureaucracy, no commitment and no disturbance.
  3. The house remains at your disposal whenever you need it to host friends and relatives or for reasons of extraordinary necessity, which you cannot do in any of the other rental formulas.
  4. When you want your home again, you will find it better than when you entrusted it to us. In fact, your home will be cleaned and sanitized at every checkout and our maintenance staff will keep it in perfect condition, better than how you entrusted it to us.
  5. You will make Genoa a more welcoming, clean and comfortable city for the thousands of people who visit it every year.

Would you like to know how much you can earn by entrusting your property with us? Book a free evaluation now, we will come to give you all the information you need. In the worst case, you will offer us a coffee 😉

Don’t worry. We’ll take care of the bureaucracy.

We take care of all the bureaucratic part, including obtaining the concession from the Liguria Region, periodic communications to the State Police (Allogiatiweb), collection and payment of tourist taxes, ISTAT communication on tourism and other recurring regulatory obligations.

Accurate maintenance.

Assistance and maintenance team available 24/7 who will intervene at any time in case of need. We will keep your home in perfect cosmetic and functional condition to guarantee guests a high tourist standard and compete on the short-term rental market with quality and safety.

Best comfort for owners and guests.

We have a cleaning and sanitation team, your home will be cleaned and sanitized at every check-out, including the strict protocols in place to contain the pandemic.

Multilingual reception team to better understand the guest’s needs and ensure that they use your home in compliance with the condominium rules and know in detail how the systems and appliances of your house work.

Agreements with car parks, restaurants and other activities to make our guests’ stay even more comfortable.

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